Our Eleven 22 Teen’s ministry has several different components that contribute to the ministries growth


Transit is held every 1st and 2nd Sunday of the month during our 10:00am Service for our students in 6th and 7th grade. This is a time for students to play games, watch videos, hear a message about the Gospel on their level, as well as engage in discussion with their peers about God.

TNT (Tuesday Night Teaching)

Teen Bible Study is held every Tuesday night at 7:00pm for our students in 6th grade to 12th grade. This is a time for students to dig deeper into God’s Word and learn how to apply it to their everyday lives as well.


Crews are our youth ministries version of small groups or community groups, where students can connect with peers and Christ-focused adults outside of the Church setting. Crews have fun but Crews also have faith. Crews will go on trips to the movies, parks, concerts (Christian ones LOL), and other events as well. Crews will also get together once a quarter for “Crew Teachings” which are study groups in the community at the local Starbucks or Chick-Fil-A (food is a cost) where a crew leader will share a message from the Bible with questions and games that help the students grow. All students in 6th grade and up should join a crew, to join a crew click here or email rtncrews@reidtemple.org

The Remix

The Remix is a full youth worship experience designed for our students in the 8th grade and up. This worship experience is complete with a full band, lights, video, youth focused sermon, and sometimes a live DJ. The Remix is held every 1st Saturday of the month, doors open at 7:30pm and worship begins at 8:00pm, if you can’t make it to the building you can stream live at www.TheRemixOnline.org. You can also visit The Remix site for more information on the service and ways that you can get involved.

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Sister Mariah Crews is serving as the leader for our Eleven 22 Teens ministry please contact her if you have any questions or concerns at mcrews@ReidTemple.org

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