Strong Christian Growth

The Eleven 22 Youth Ministry of Reid Temple AME Church, has the focus and mission to see students have faith in God.  Our Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington has been teaching Reid Temple for over 30 years that we should “Have Faith in God”.  This comes from the scripture Mark 11:22 and Eleven 22 Youth Ministry has taken that scripture and saying as our mission.  We want students to “Have Faith in God” which is fleshed out through our ministry ethos of every student LEARNING their Faith, LIVING their Faith, and LEADING with their Faith.  If our students are to LEARN their Faith we must TEACH them, if they are to LIVE their Faith we must TRAIN them, and if we expect them to LEAD with their Faith we must TRUST them.

LEARN their Faith, LIVE their Faith, and LEAD with their Faith
The Formula for our Youth Ministry

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