MEMORY VERSE: “God has given a Son to us.” Isaiah 9:6, NCV









MORNING TIME: This month let your child wake up to, “Merry Christmas! God gave us

Jesus!” Use the phrase “God gave us Jesus” as often as you can to help your family remember what Christmas is all about.


PLAY TIME: Enjoy some dramatic play with your child this week. Pretend to be angels! Ask your child what he thinks pretending to be an angel looks like. Should you flap your arms like angel wings? Wear a white bed sheet to look like an angel? Once you decide, move around your house stopping several times to tell the good news: “God gave us Jesus!”


CAR TIME: Each time you get in the car this month, talk about ways you can show people some Christmas love. (smile, say “thank you”, hold the door, help carrying things, say “Merry Christmas,” etc.) Tell

your child that God showed us how much He loves us when He gave us Jesus. Now it’s our turn

to show people some love!


BATH TIME: Add some bubble bath to bath time this week. Show your child how

to pile up the bubbles to make a birthday cake. Sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus

and blow the “candles” out. Watch the suds fly as you blow! So fun! Make another cake and do

it again! Oh! And


CUDDLE TIME: Cuddle up with your child and pray: “Dear God, tonight I pray that (name

of child) will always follow You. We know that no one will ever love us as much as You do. Thank You for giving us Jesus so we can know You. We love You, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.”


PARENT TIME: Is there a more glorious time of year than Christmas? The lights. The sounds.

The smells. The joy. And, preschoolers make it even more exciting. For many, this is the first time they’re hearing the story of baby Jesus. When’s the last time you read the story of baby Jesus?

When did you last truly hear that God sent HIS SON for YOU—for all of us? God loved us so much that He sent His Son to live among us. Isn’t that amazing? And, He didn’t send Him as royalty. No, He sent Him to a simple woman who gave birth in a stable. It’s an incredible story

that should be read again and again to truly appreciate what that time must have been like.

So, grab your Bible and open it up to the book of Luke. Dive into the Christmas story again. Read about how God loved you so much that He sent His Son—for you. Merry Christmas!



WEEK 1/December 6, 2015 / LUKE 1:26-33, 38, 46-49

God sends an angel to tell Mary she will have a baby named Jesus and He will be God’s only Son.


WEEK 2/ December 13, 2015/ LUKE 2:1-7

Jesus is born in a stable because there are no rooms available anywhere else.


WEEK 3/ December 20, 2015/ LUKE 2:8-20

Angels tell shepherds the good news that Jesus has been born.


WEEK 4/ December 27, 2015/ MATTHEW 2:1-2, 9-11

Wise men from the east follow a special star to worship Jesus.




NO NUT RULE – Help us keep all of our little one’s safe. Please DO NOT pack items with nuts and please do not feed your child any food items with nuts as we have children with severe nut allergies.

Clothing Items Left Behind – There are quite a few clothing items in the Nursery. Could one of these items belong to your little one? Please check the next time you’re in the Nursery.

Birthdays – Will your little one be celebrating a birthday in December? Please let us know so we can acknowledge it during our service!

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