October 1, 2015 ther1188

Lessons for the Month of October!


MEMORY VERSE: “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid … for the Lord your God goes with you.” Deuteronomy 31:6, NIV









MORNING TIME: Wake your child this morning reminding her to be strong and courageous and to not be afraid today. God is with her wherever she goes. What an awesome way to start the day.


PLAY TIME: Grab a computer and do a search on lions. Find some really cool pictures.

Talk about what the lions look like. Read some basic information about lions to your child. Talk about how scary and dangerous it would be to be next to a lion. That’s what happened to

Daniel. He was put in a pit with a bunch of lions. But Daniel knew God was with him and that helped him be brave. Note: Do your search before you invite your child to join you in order to ensure there are no surprises along the way.


CAR TIME: Being brave isn’t just for super heroes. No way! It’s for all people who trust that God is there to help. Knowing that God is powerful and always with us can help us be brave anytime we need it. Add a little super kid fun to your drive time this month by practicing your super hero poses. Each time you hop out of the car, tell your child to strike her best super hero pose and say, “God can help me be brave!” Now you’re ready for whatever comes your way!


BATH TIME: Give your child a special toy or cloth to hold throughout bath time. Tell

her she can’t let go of it. It has to stay with her until bath time is over. As you dry your child off, praise her for not letting go and for keeping the object with her at all times. Tell her there’s someone who is always with her too: God! God is always with us so we can be brave.


CUDDLE TIME: Cuddle up with your child and pray: “Dear God, it makes me feel so good

inside knowing You are always with (name of child). I love knowing You are there to

help him be brave anytime he needs it. I hope he never forgets how much You love him and that

You are always, always, ALWAYS with him. We love You, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.”


PARENT TIME: Our preschoolers are learning an important verse this month. “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid … for the Lord your God goes with you.” Deuteronomy 31:6, NIV. It’s awesome to hear them recite this verse when something scares them, maybe it’s a stormy night or they are trying something new. But, have you ever applied it to your life? It’s a verse that we need to remember as parents too. When your toddler is crying and you can’t figure out why, be strong and courageous because God is with you. When potty-training seems to have taken over the entire household routine and you fear you will never leave the house again, be strong and courageous for God is with you. When it’s time for four-year-old shots and you can’t bear the terror in you son’s eyes, be strong and courageous because God is with you. God is with you each and every minute of each and every day. You can count on Him in the scary times and exhausting times. Be brave! God is with you!



WEEK 1/October 4, 2015 /JUDGES 7:9 – 22

God helps Gideon be brave and do what He says when God tells him to fight a battle with just a torch, a jar, and a trumpet.


WEEK 2/ October 11, 2015/EXODUS 1:22 – 2:10

God helps Miriam be brave and do the big job of taking care of her baby brother Moses.


WEEK 3/ October 18, 2015/2 CHRONICLES 32

God helps King Hezekiah be brave and fight off the enemies so he can get the city wall repaired.


WEEK 4/ October 25, 2015/DANIEL 6:1 – 23

God helps Daniel be brave and do the right thing when he’s thrown into a pit of lions.




NO NUT RULE – Help us keep all of our little one’s safe. Please DO NOT pack items with nuts and please do not feed your child any food items with nuts as we have children with severe nut allergies.

Clothing Items Left Behind – There are quite a few clothing items in the Nursery. Could one of these items belong to your little one? Please check the next time you’re in the Nursery.

Birthdays – Will your little one be celebrating a birthday in October? Please let us know so we can acknowledge it during our service!

Books – does your little one have a favorite book? We’d love to consider adding the same book to our library. Share then name of the book and author and we’ll check it out.

Please refer to the Church Announcements for updated announcements.