Eleven 22 Youth Ministry

"Have Faith In God" Mark 11:22

Strong Christian Growth

The Eleven 22 Youth Ministry of Reid Temple AME Church, has the focus and mission to see students have faith in God.  Our Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington has been teaching Reid Temple for over 30 years that we should “Have Faith in God”.  This comes from the scripture Mark 11:22 and Eleven 22 Youth Ministry has taken that scripture and saying as our mission.  We want students to “Have Faith in God” which is fleshed out through our ministry ethos of every student LEARNING their Faith, LIVING their Faith, and LEADING with their Faith.  If our students are to LEARN their Faith we must TEACH them, if they are to LIVE their Faith we must TRAIN them, and if we expect them to LEAD with their Faith we must TRUST them.

LEARN their Faith, LIVE their Faith, and LEAD with their Faith
The Formula for our Youth Ministry

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Eleven 22 Nursery

For children 9 months of age through Pre-K

Every Sunday

Our Eleven 22 Nursery is held every Sunday at each of our services for our students who are 9 months of age through Pre-K.  Our students here learn about God on their level with arts and crafts, plus songs and Bible lessons that all apply to where they are in life.  Sister’s Pamela Ashby and Bernadette LeBlanc lead our Eleven 22 Nursery team.

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If you would like to receive more information on the services offered by the Nursery please email rtnnusrery@reidtemple.org.

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Our Eleven 22 Nursery team for our DC service meets every Sunday at 10:00am at The Howard Theatre in Washington DC, for more information please contact “Rev. Russ” RevRuss@ReidTemple.org

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Eleven 22 King’s Kids

For children in Kindergarten through 5th Grade

1st and 2nd Sunday

Our Eleven 22 King’s Kids ministry is held every 1st and 2nd Sunday during each service for our students in Kindergarten through 5th Grade. Our students are taught about God and God’s ways in an engaging and impactful way. Each service is full of singing, video worship, and live preaching all to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to life for each student.

Bible Study

King’s Kids also have Bible Study on Tuesday night’s at 7pm where the lessons from Sunday morning are reinforced and expanded to assist our students with their growth in Christ.

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Rev. Renee Jones is our Children’s Minister and can be reached by email at RevJones@ReidTemple.org

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Eleven 22 Teens

For those in 6th through 12th grade

Our Eleven 22 Teen’s ministry has several different components that contribute to the ministries growth


Transit is held every 1st and 2nd Sunday of the month during our 10:00am Service for our students in 6th and 7th grade. This is a time for students to play games, watch videos, hear a message about the Gospel on their level, as well as engage in discussion with their peers about God.

TNT (Tuesday Night Teaching)

Teen Bible Study is held every Tuesday night at 7:00pm for our students in 6th grade to 12th grade. This is a time for students to dig deeper into God’s Word and learn how to apply it to their everyday lives as well.


Crews are our youth ministries version of small groups or community groups, where students can connect with peers and Christ-focused adults outside of the Church setting. Crews have fun but Crews also have faith. Crews will go on trips to the movies, parks, concerts (Christian ones LOL), and other events as well. Crews will also get together once a quarter for “Crew Teachings” which are study groups in the community at the local Starbucks or Chick-Fil-A (food is a cost) where a crew leader will share a message from the Bible with questions and games that help the students grow. All students in 6th grade and up should join a crew, to join a crew click here or email rtncrews@reidtemple.org

The Remix

The Remix is a full youth worship experience designed for our students in the 8th grade and up. This worship experience is complete with a full band, lights, video, youth focused sermon, and sometimes a live DJ. The Remix is held every 1st Saturday of the month, doors open at 7:30pm and worship begins at 8:00pm, if you can’t make it to the building you can stream live at www.TheRemixOnline.org. You can also visit The Remix site for more information on the service and ways that you can get involved.

Need More Information?

Sister Mariah Crews is serving as the leader for our Eleven 22 Teens ministry please contact her if you have any questions or concerns at mcrews@ReidTemple.org

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Eleven 22 Crews

Crews are small groups/community groups that allow 6th-12th grade students to connect with friends and leaders who will encourage them to be the best them God has created. Crews meet monthly for Crew “Fun” and Crew “Serve” where students serve the community to make a lasting impact on behalf of Christ and enjoy live socials. Crew leaders check-in and speak with students on a weekly basis. While crews should be fun they are designed to strengthen each students faith. We have a variety of Crews for you to choose from so choose the one that best fits you! Once you find the one that you want to join CLICK HERE   to sign up!

Life’s Gate
Greatness Forward
Next Generation Kings and Queens


What Lies Beneath

IMG_9387What Lies Beneath (Download)

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Thank you for your willingness to walk with your student(s) as they learn more about what it means to be a Christian through this study of the Book of James. Here at the Eleven 22 Youth Ministry our ethos or focus is “Learn, Live, and Lead”. Our goal is for each student to Learn their Faith, Live their Faith, and Lead with their Faith. In order for this to happen as a ministry and Church family we must teach them, train them and trust them. As a youth ministry it is our role to walk with you as the parent/guardian as you lead your student(s) in what it means to live a Christian life.
It is our hope that this 27-Day devotional will achieve a few objectives:

1.It will assist your student(s) to understand what it means to be a Christian and live a life focused on Jesus.
2. It will create a bridge between what Rev. Watley is teaching in the adult sessions and what the students are learning.
3. It will create a time throughout the week for you and your student(s) to pray, study, and discuss the Word of God for the next 27 days or more!
This devotional was created by some of our youth ministry leaders in order to allow each day to relate to each student. As a ministry we will be praying with you and for you as we study the Book of James. Please have your student read the note for them on the next page and encourage them to begin reading the devotional daily, beginning today.
If you have any questions please contact us and visit our site www.E22Youth.org
Rev. Russell St. Bernard “Rev Russ”
Eleven 22 Youth Ministry

Dear Student:

I know what you might be thinking; I don’t have time to read a devotional every day? Or maybe you are thinking the Bible is boring and I never get anything from it? Or maybe you are saying to yourself I can’t wait to start reading this plan with my Church. The truth is all of these are good answers and as your youth minister I have been in each situation. I haven’t always wanted to read the Bible every day or even study it. When I was younger I thought anything and everything was more important than reading God’s Word. I can tell you from experience I was very wrong. Reading God’s Word is like feeding yourself the best food everyday of your life. You know good food don’t you? The truth is you cannot find better food for your life and your body than the Word of God.
For the next 27-days I am encouraging you to read the Book of James with us as a Church. Rev. Watley is going over this Book with your parent/guardian and we will be using this devotional for our youth ministry. The Book of James is a great short Book of the Bible. James teaches us about being a Christian in almost every situation of our lives. This devotional was written by members of Eleven 22 Youth Ministry team and is designed to be easy and simple to work through. Each day you will have a scripture to read, a “breakdown”, which is the devotional, a “live it out”, which is to help you live the scripture out that day and then we close each day with a prayer. These devotionals will not take you long to read but we hope you set a consistent time each day to read the devotional and then pray about how to apply the lesson to your day. We are looking forward to growing with you in the next 27 days visit us online
www.E22Youth.org and see you soon.
Rev. Russell St. Bernard “Rev. Russ”
Eleven 22 Youth Ministry

If our students are to LEARN their Faith we must TEACH them, if they are to LIVE their Faith we must TRAIN them, and if we expect them to LEAD with their Faith we must TRUST them. 

Rev. Russ


UntitledWhat is Bridges Ministry North?

The mission of Bridges Ministry North is to bring about the inclusive participation of children, youth, and all individuals with disabilities in the Reid Temple North (RTN) church community.

What is the Vision for Bridges Ministry North?

Bridges Ministry under the governance of RTN leadership envision accessible, inclusive, missional fellowship and worship opportunities that are engaging and engaged by children, youth, individuals, and families with special needs. We are striving for a hospitable and healthy church community that intentionally seek to:

  • Reduce the isolation and disconnectedness of children, youth, and individuals with disabilities and their families.
  • Nurture the spiritual lives of children, youth, and individuals with disabilities so that they become professing and active members; and
  • Encourage the gifts of children, youth , and individuals with disabilities so that they can participate in the Reid Temple community and serve God fully to the greatest extent possible.

The foundational goal is a church where all belongs and all serve.

What Will Bridges Ministry North Do?

Bridges Ministry will work to increase disability awareness through the Reid Temple and local communities by:

  • Providing support through Life Groups, resource dissemination, and intercessory prayer;
  • Programmatic opportunities;
  • Working with leadership to identify and address ancillary needs of families of individuals with disabilities; and
  • Increasing accessibility for all individuals with disabilities across Reid Temple and local communities

Who is Bridges Ministry North Designed to Support?

  • Individuals and their families with disabilities

Who Can Help with the Bridges Ministry North?

  • Family members, caregivers of individuals with disabilities, and individuals with disabilities;
  • Professionals, related service providers, and school support personnel who work with individuals with disabilities; and
  • Any person who has a heart and a calling to actively support the ministry


Need more information, please contact Sharon Dockery and Lisa Thomas, at










Thank you for visiting our website! Please take some time to look around at each area of the ministry from Eleven 22 Nursery to Eleven 22 Teens.  You will soon be able to find the current lessons for your students, ways and areas where they (and you) can serve in the ministry, plus other helpful information about the ministry and our great Church.

Eleven 22 Youth Ministry Team

E22 Register

Eleven 22 Arts

Our Eleven 22 Arts ministry gives our students the opportunity to not only show their gifts but use these gifts and talents to give God Glory.


Our ministry is comprised of:

  • Conquerors King’s Kids Choir (Students K to 5th Grade)
  • Souled Out Drama Team (Students 5th Grade to 12th Grade)
  • Life’s Gate Spoken Word Team (Students 5th Grade to 12th Grade)
  • Lyfe GoGo Band Team (Students 5th Grade to 12th Grade)
  • God’s Word Puppet Team (Students 4th Grade to 8th Grade)
  • Evidence Choir Team (Students 6th Grade to 12th Grade)

As part of our Eleven 22 Youth Ministry ethos we believe that students should LEAD with their Faith and we have created areas of service like these and others to help our students LEAD with their Faith.  Our Eleven 22 Arts Ministry is lead by Brandon Felder. If you would like to serve please contact him.

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Dig Deeper

The ministry doesn’t stop with us! We are a team, so we encourage you to follow up with your students using the teaching aids we post here weekly! In order to create young people who are on fire for God and grounded in Christ we have to ensure that the entire village is working to create a continuous atmosphere of growth!

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